Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Laptop


Use These Tips To Avoid Falling Victim of Buying The Wrong Laptop

A laptop is an essential tool necessary for any business person, government/private worker, student or anyone who needs to communicate or create documents for personal reasons. There is virtually no one on earth today that does not need a laptop. Laptops can be very expensive to get, especially the high end laptops with terabytes of storage space a Lightning speed processor and lots of Random Access Memory (RAM).



What Do You Want to Use the Laptop For?

But the truth is that most people do not need such high end computers, choosing such laptops may probably be like choosing to buy a rocket to take your child to school. Apart from display of affluence, People that really need such advanced computers are animators working with three dimensional and four dimensional graphics which may involve cinematic animation and advanced modelling, sound engineers and multimedia editors using heavy effects on video production may also need such advanced computers. But if your work is just to use Microsoft Office, browse the internet and a bit of Corel draw and Photoshop, you may not need to pay through your nose before you can have a laptop. Not everybody needs a core i5, Core i7 etc. It all depends on what you want to use the computer for.

How To Buy a New Laptop

Here in Nigeria, you need to exercise extra caution when buying a new laptop. Unlike other things you can buy by just entering a shop and picking your choice, you need to find an experienced computer user to follow you and guide you through the process. If you have a geek brother, friend or any computer expert around you, it’s a smart decision to call such a person to accompany you and help you in making the best choice. Some of these laptop vendors sell refurbished laptops as new. They buy brand new laptop casing body and put the components of an old laptop inside, they sell it cheap and you will think you’re buying a new laptop.


In addition there is a popular category of laptop called “Chinko” (Meaning Made in China) As far as production is concerned even products used in the United States are mostly made in China. China produces the quality you ask for and if your biggest concern is price, you may end up buying a sub-standard product as new. To be on the safer side, buying at the service centres and showrooms of your desired brand will protect you from buying from the wrong hands.


How T0 Buy a Fairly Used Laptop

Fairly used laptops make is possible to spend less when getting a laptop. However, you need to do your due diligence in order to avoid buying a stolen laptop. Some laptops are better sold to laptop repair technicians and I’m sure you don’t want to buy a laptop today and start repairing it tomorrow.   If you will like to spend less and buy a used computer, make sure you buy at least a dual core computer with 1 Gig RAM. I prefer computers used in the United States because they usually have a longer battery life.


5 Things You Should Check When Buying a Used Laptop

  1. Is the DVD Drive Working : Put a DVD in the drive and check whether it will load
  1. Are the USB Ports Working?: Insert a flash disk or USB hardware into all the USB ports and make sure all the ports are working
  1. Are All the Keys on The Keyboard Working?: Open notepad and try typing all the alphabets and numbers. Also try to check the multimedia and function keys etc.
  1. Check the Battery Life: Connect the charger to the power source and try to see if the battery is charging. Also remove the charger and check if the laptop goes off immediately after removing the charger.
  1. Test the Sound: Sometimes the speakers may be damaged. Try to play some music with the computer and check if the sound is coming out.

There are other things you may want to check such as the Bluetooth, WiFi, Webcam etc. depending on the laptop. It is also a good option if the vendor is giving you a guarantee on the laptop. Are you planning to buy a laptop? I guess by now, you have some information to help you make the right choice. If you will like to buy a US Military Grade Rugged Laptop at N35,000, I currently have 25 Units in stock. Click below to show your interest.

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Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.

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Ademola Oladoja
Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.
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