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How The Buy Now Pay Later Scheme Makes Your Life Easier

It’s a well known phenomenon that you have to save for several months or years before you can purchase assets such as automobiles, laptops fridges, etc.

Global funds incorporated in partnership with Time Microfinance Bank has formed an initiative to help individuals, businesses and organisations in having access to funds or procure assets with less financial stress.

Global funds Incorporated has made it possible for people to avoid the knife-to-throat loan payment terms that has caged so many Nigerians today. This program was formed in such a way that even if take a loan, you won’t be robbed of your peace of mind.

Buy and Pay Later Scheme (BAPAL)

The Buy Now and Pay Later Scheme is a great option for businesses, individuals or organisations who will love to purchase laptops for their staff, procure tools for a production line or individuals who will like to start a micro-business such a Keke-Napep, Grinding Machine, Fridge, Motorcycle or other micro-business tools.

How it Works

The person applying for BAPAL will be required to pay 25% of the total cost of buying the item. After 45 days, Global Funds will buy the item for the beneficiary and give the person a span of three months to six months to pay the outstanding cost of purchase by instalment.

Once you finish paying back the money, Global Funds will return to you the Initial 25% you deposited when you started the program, plus another 10% of the initial deposit.

Consequently, you gain in three ways;

  1. You end up buying the item cheaper and
  2. You pay in a more convenient manner
  3. You start using the device or business tool before completing the payment.

How to Get Started

About Step One: This program is strictly by invitation, that is why

your registration through this page will be attributed to your introducing agent, Mr Lekan Ibiyemi. When you register through this link, you will be contacted by your introducing agent and you will be sent an official invitation.

Step #1. Click here to register online


About Step Two: For the program to continue benefitting others, we need to be assured that you will pay back as agreed. We will need you to provide a guarantor who will stand for you and assure us that you will certainly pay back the loan.

Step #2. Find a guarantor

Step Three: Buy the item and start using it immediately before paying the remaining cost of purchase. You do not need to pay all before you can go with the item you bought, you can start making money with your business tool immediately.

Necessary Documents

Means of Identification such as ID Card, International Passport

Recent Utility Bill such as Nepa, Water Board Bill

You submit your application by filling the form we will send to your email and scanning it back to us, including the Identification documents and utility bill.

That’s all you need to get started immediately, take the first step now and make 2016 a year to always remember for your financial turnaround. Click the button below to start now.

Step #1. Click here to register online


Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.

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Ademola Oladoja
Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.
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