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How to Get Employed in one of your Favourite Organisations in the Next Ninety Days.


This has nothing to do with Your Final GPA, whether you came
out with Pass, Lower Credit or First Class. This Works! Try it and see.

With so many unemployed graduates in town today, the title of this article is a very bold claim and I know lots of people seeing this may not want to believe it. Notwithstanding, there are two things I just want you to do for me, whether you believe in the title of this article or not. The first thing is. I want you to read every word in this article, you have nothing to lose After all and I’m not selling anything here, trust me.

The second thing I want you to do for me is to try using this idea I’m about to give you in this article. Just try it. If it doesn’t work, let me know. I consider this as the best way to find a good job.

Step One – Reboot Your Brain

From Childhood, we were all programmed to
“follow”, to be silent, to do what we are being told without
“questioning the elders” and that is why most job seekers are in
child mode when applying from job offers, they see themselves at the mercy of
the employer, they are busy looking for vacancies, job offers in the newspaper
hoping to be called for interviews, written tests, along with other hundreds or
thousands of applicants. I consider this as bad as football betting. I don’t
think anyone should spend those stressful years in school and start another
uncertain years of job hunting escapade.

Instead, you should reboot your brain. And by rebooting your brain, I mean you should stop looking for vacancies where others are looking. If you want to find a good job in Nigeria, Stop the “child mode” programming and stop waiting for vacancies before making your move for employment. Put yourself in the position of someone that truly wants to do your potential employer a favour through your competency. Stop “begging to apply”, choose the companies you want to work with. Don’t let these organisations sift you, be the one to sift these companies.

I’m aware that most people will not want to do what I’m
about to explain here, but someone once told me that if you do what most people
won’t do for the next three years, then you will do what most people can’t do
for the rest of your life. This idea takes less than 90 days to implement, and
I think a 90-day journey to getting employed is far better than several years
of uncertainty and frustration.

Make an Offer No Company or Organisation Can Resist.

Give an offer they can’t refuse

Carefully do your research and select at least 20 companies you will like to work with. Investigate their strengths, weaknesses and find out an area you can perform very well at in these companies. It’s a lot of work and most people will not want to do this; which is a good thing because it makes your chances of getting employed better. 

These are some of the things you may want to find out about
each of these 20 companies.

  • 1. Find out the acceptance of their products and services in the marketplace, and what they can do to improve their services an increase their profits.

  • 2. Find a mistake the company is making and how it is costing them in terms of losses, reputation, corporate image etc.

  • 3. Develop an idea they can implement to safeguard the business against an imminent crisis. (This is what Joseph did an he became the prime minister of Egypt)

After doing your research and getting great solutions for
these 20 companies, the step that comes next is presentation of your ideas in
writing. Write a short concept note about what you want to offer the company. To
give your idea more strength, you can record a DVD of yourself explaining your
idea and how you can perform creditably well in the company. This can be played
in front of directors and key decision makers of the company.

Presenting Your Offer to Your Chosen Companies.

Here comes the part where some feeble hearted job seekers
may stop reading, because the next thing I’ll tell you to do is a hard thing
for most people. After selecting the Top 20 Companies you can work with and
creating your irresistible offers for each of the companies, you must insert a
card into the envelope and staple one on the title page then leave the second
card unattached to any document. You will write the note below on the card and
include it in your submission.

“Should you choose to implement the ideas, services and
concepts which I have described in this submission, I am willing to work with [
Company Name] without pay for 3 months to assist in its implementation. If by
the end of the three-month period, you found me ineffective and unlikely to
deliver results [Company Name] is given the liberty to relieve me of my duties
without any risk or liability. If, however, the company finds my work to be
effective and beneficial, It will be an honour for me to work with [Company
Name] as a [Your Desired designation] with an annual salary of [Your Desired
Annual Salary] Thanks for your consideration.

After completing your application, make sure you send the
package by DHL or any other expedited delivery service. This will give your
submission greater attention and urgency.

I just wonder what the look on your face will be after
reading the note I advised you to attach to the submission. I know you may have
a lot of questions about this, but there is one more thing you should know and
that is the logic behind the whole thing. I’ll start with the worst-case

Scenario 1. The employer goes through your submission, the concept note etc and makes sure no one sees it. The employer sets the whole documents on fire and you got no reply from the employer.

Implication: You have tried your best and I will bet that is not the type of organisation you should work with, they are probably dream killers and you can never succeed working in such a place. So, I consider it a good thing, After all that is not the only company you submitted your application to.

Scenario 2. The employer reads through, invites you for a meeting and employs you to work for three months, then kicks you out after using you for three months.

Implication: Hmm, that is dramatic. But I still believe it is to your advantage, you also win, After all you’ve got three months working experience in one of the best places your fellow job seekers are only dreaming of.

Scenario 3. The Employer reads through, invites you for a meeting and employs you to work for free in three months or probably give you an allowance. Then finally employs you as a permanent staff with your desired designation and allowance. Dreams come true!

What do you think about this idea? Is it a crazy idea? Please
share this with every job seeker you know and add your comments below.

Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.

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Ademola Oladoja
Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.
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