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An Email Message Hackers are using to steal Passwords

Don’t fall for the SCAM Email trap Read this Now!

I was almost fooled by a scam email sent to me by a hacker about two days ago. The email was an attempt to steal the password to my email account, and you know what? If a hacker is given access to your email account, he will have access to every other thing, including your online banking, information about your personal life, such access can also give criminals the opportunity to scam your friends and family by sending them messages through your email

It is better imagined than experienced, that is why I decided to quickly share this information with my readers as fast as I could.



I checked my email as usual and saw the message shown below. It looks so much like an email from an administrator/web hosting service that I almost fell for it. The most scary part is the place that reads “we will ensure that we block your account if we do not hear from you”.


But there was something fishy about the sender, so I used some measures to verify the authenticity of the mail.





I checked the sender’s email address and found out it was neither my website name nor the website of my hosting company, I investigated to view the domain “” which the hacker used in sending the mail and found out that it was a chinese website, then I knew it was a scam.

I wanted to just delete the email and continue with my work but I decided to investigate further I wanted to know where the fake verification link in the email leads to. So, this is what I found.

It was a password capture page hidden under a website called


If you receive such email please ignore it. This is one of the methods hackers are using to make the digital life of people very miserable.

Please share this information with your friends and family to protect them from these wicked miscreants.

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