Skilltimes Training Services

Our Services to Government and Private Workers

There is so much competition in the career and professional field today, everyone is looking for a way to be ahead of others, earn more than others etc. There is a big difference between working hard and working smart, especially at this computer age.

We teach government and private workers how to use the computer in relation to their profession or career, making it possible for them to do more with less stress, become independent and self reliant even after retirement.

We also organize workshops and seminars focused on how the computer can be used for business building or career advancement.

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Our Services to Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

You have created a solution that people need and the next step right now is to create publicity for your business and get people to know you for what you do.

You are so good at what you do so much that people around you have been commenting about your exceptional skills but you are not making enough money to justify your efforts. You are working hard and getting ridiculously low reward for your services.

It’s time to wise up and change the way you are presenting your service to people because if you don’t, you may continue struggling where others who are not as good as you become greatly successful in the same business.

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Our Services to Unemployed Graduates

You have spent years in school acquiring skills, education and knowledge to make you an independent person, but the system of the economy is killing your career dreams.

People who are not even graduates are all around you making it big and you are there struggling to get a job. If that is your experience,  we are giving you an opportunity to stop complaining and start taking positive action.


If you have a Laptop Internet connection and you can communicate well in English, we have a special program for you to help you get on your feet as an independent person.

We will not charge you anything, all we need is your seriousness and commitment to work. If you are interested in this program, please click the button below.

Our Services to Secondary School Leavers

While you wait for admission into a tertiary institution, you can use this time to learn computer related entrepreneurial skills that can make you employable and bring you some residual income without affecting your studies.

Having a good foundation about business now, will give you the confidence and experience to start your own business after graduation from polytechnic, University or other institutions.

We have ICT Based Courses geared towards learning computer application packages such as Microsoft Office, Corel. We also have packages on online marketing, graphics, website design etc.

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Our Services to People Who Couldn't Complete School

Being unable to complete school is not the end of the world, and there is no reason for you to give up.

We have special programs for students who could not complete their education for one reason or the other, and will love to learn a professional trade.

Apart from the usual trades we already know like fashion, repairs, becoming a technician etc. We have programs you can learn to profit from the computer.

Examples are Digital Graphic Design and Publishing where you will learn how to print posters, handbills, digital banners (Large Format Printing), website design, Social Media Administration, Online Real Estate etc.

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