How to Get Extra Cash Monthly Through Blogging, Social Media & Web Design


How to Get Extra Cash Monthly Through Blogging, Social Media & Web Design

A single source of livelihood is no longer enough to cope with the financial responsibilities and needs we face continually. Especially in times like this, when prices of goods and services are increasing.

That is why this article will focus on the three most profitable, easy to start online businesses that any beginner can learn and implement within 30 days. If that sounds like something you are interested in learning about, then read on because this is for you.



Making Monthly Income through Blogging

A blog is a web log where you can share information, news opinions and professional tips on any topic and in any category. example of popular blogs in Nigeria are Linda Ikeji, Ogbongeblog, 360nobs.com, bellanaija etc.

Popular Method of Making Money through a Blog

A very popular way of making a monthly income through blogs is by placing advertisements on the blog, the image below is an example from linda Ikeji’s blog.


When readers visit the blog to read articles and see the advert that catches their attention, they click on the advert and Linda is paid for each click or view (This is called Pay Per Click Advertising/Display Advertising respectively)

The monetization technique mentioned above is good but it is not the best way of making money through a blog as a beginner. Getting the type of traffic Linda Ikeji is pulling daily will require a lot of time and hardwork. However, there are other techniques of monetising a blog faster than placing adverts. Such methods include brand blogging, affiliate blogging, selling of information products through your blog etc. Below are some elements you need to run a successful blog

Essential Elements of Running a Successful Blog

#1. Knowing how to research and find out a high traffic subject to blog about, that means you need to know what people like reading.

#2. Understand the dynamics of Search engine optimization to get free traffic

#3. How to implement paid traffic profitably in attracting new readers

#4. You need to master how to choose the top rated advertisement networks that will not cart away with your earnings.

#5. You need to know how to get interesting content articles to post to your blog so your readers will keep coming back.

#6. You need to know other faster Monetization techniques for your blog such as brand blogging, affiliate blogging, promotion of information products etc.

Virtually all new bloggers make terrible mistakes while setting up the six essential elements listed above, and that is why most bloggers hardly make up to $100 within the span of a year.


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Making Monthly Income Through Website Design

Websites are not difficult to build like it was about ten years ago when webdesign is for programmers. Now, new tools and techniques has been developed to help you build websites without learning how to write codes.

An amazing thing about website design which makes it different from other business types if that when you have a client, you are not paid one off. The same client continues to pay you every year to renew the website. It’s just as if you are a house owner collecting rent yearly. Imagine having 20 clients who pays you 50,000 every year that is N1,000,000 guaranteed.

Essential Elements of Running a Successful Website Design Business

#1. Content Management Systems: Learning how to use WordPress to Design, update and maintain websites is the first skill you need to be able to deliver quality service for your clients. You also need to know how to add more features to a website such as video, contact form, analytics, search engine optimization etc

#2. Client Attraction: Knowing how to get new clients who need website design services is the skill you need to get sales. After you have learnt how to attract clients, you will be able to make more money per month and help your webdesign customers to attract clients too.

#3. Client Retention: Understanding how to promote your client’s websites to increase sales for your client which will in turn make him/her to continue renewing the website every year. When a customer did not get any benefit from a website throughout the year he will not be encouraged to renew the site but when you deliver results in sales and connection, it’s your client that will be reminding you of the yearly renewal.

#4. Writing: As a website designer who wants better results than ordinary web developers, you need to learn how to write for your clients. Your clients may have some information, pictures which you can use as content for their website but you need to organise the information into categories and sub-categories, rewrite the content to be easily readable and simple to understand.

As a website designer, you can charge from N30,000 to 150,000 depending on how extensive the website is. for example a one page to five page website can be between N30,000 and N50,000 while an e-commerce website can cost from N150,000 to over N500,000 depending on whether the e-commerce site will have credit card payment integration, shopping cart, interswitch API etc.

Website design training

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Making Monthly Income Through Social Media

This business is like getting paid for having fun, another unique thing about Social media management is that you can get paid by multiple businesses per month depending on the number of businesses you can manage monthly.

There so many dormant Facebook pages that need updates owners of these Facebook pages are too busy to be managing the page on their own and businesses will be willing pay you for helping them in updating their Facebook pages.

Essential Elements of Running a Successful Social Media Management Business

#1. Content Aggregation: This means you need some search engine skills to find relevant content that will be shared on the timeline of your client’s Facebook page, twitter thread, Instagram etc. It is not necessary for you to create original content every time, however you need to know how to find the right things that excites the potential customers of your client

#2. Digital Advertising: You need to learn how to place advertisement on Facebook, Google etc and linking the advertisement to the services of your client. You also need to learn how to choose the right keywords in your advertisement copy. Some simple graphic design skills can give your work more attraction.

#3. Website Design: In the course of managing a social media account you may need some web design skills. For example, when advertising on Facebook you need to insert a Facebook pixel on the <head> section of your client’s website to track conversions. Just the basic skill of website design is enough to manage a social media account.

#4. Copy-writing Skills: Copy-writing is your ability to write enticing and attention grabbing messages that will motivate your client’s customers to visit the website of your client and purchase products and services offered. If a sales page or landing page is to be built for your client, you may need this skill in giving the business you are managing a better result.

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Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.

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Ademola Oladoja
Ademola Oladoja is a Business Consultant who Helps Business Owners in Implementing Online Marketing to Increase Sales. Schedule a Free Consultation by Calling 08185990414.
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